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Introducing the Bridges SI Blog

Posted by Trevor Sykes

Mar 7, 2014 9:00:00 AM


*cue the drum roll*

Today, March 7, 2014, is a very important Friday in internet history. Well… we’d like to think so, at least.

It is with great humility that I have the privilege of introducing you, the internet, to the official Bridges System Integration (Bridges SI) blog. Blog, meet Internet. Internet, meet Blog.

Our goal for this blog is to provide the most up-to-date information and discussion of audiovisual (AV) and collaboration technologies, related industries, as well our company and our closest partners. We are here to educate and inspire the masses about the glory of AV. Exactly what you’ve been waiting for, right?! I know.

By subscribing to our blog, you can look forward to a deeper understanding of the groundbreaking technologies that are transforming the way organizations and businesses operate. I’m talking news, multimedia, info graphics, case studies, and spotlights on technology. Quality stuff, people! And as if all that isn’t enough, there may even be a few opportunities over time to compete and win prizes. I don’t know – I’m not giving away too much just yet.

Please continue to tune in for more updates, and we really hope you’ll like what you find. If you don’t, why not go ahead and email us and tell us what we could do to help change your mind?

What are you waiting for? See the Subscribe link on the right side of the page? Just enter your email, select the notification frequency, and click Subscribe! 

From all of us on the Bridges SI team, thanks, and goodbye for now!

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