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Bridges SI Headquarters: Improving our methodologies from the inside-out

Posted by Sam Biernesser

Apr 7, 2014 9:00:00 AM

In our recent post, “Room to Operate”, Nick highlighted the features and functionalities of our warehouse in the new facility, which is imperative as to how we function here at Bridges SI. Believe it or not, even though the warehouse is comparable in size to a basketball court as aforementioned, there is still so much more you need to see.

Bridges SI Reception Area

Welcome to the reception area of Bridges SI! This will be the first thing you set eyes on when you step foot into our new facility. Notice the Bridges SI logo engraved into the front desk - this is representative of the custom woodwork we feature throughout our facility and our customer’s facilities. Our headquarters, located conveniently near Washington, DC, combines workflow analysis, interior design/space planning, and network/visualization technologies deployed in an integrated manner.

Personally, one of my favorite features of our space is the open concept that flows from room to room. This allows engineers, project managers, the sales team and more to easily communicate due to the layout and design of the desks themselves. The confinements of a cube farm don't exist here.


Several break-out rooms and smaller conference spaces are scattered throughout the facility and designed to feature lower-cost solutions, such as wireless products that allow for multiple devices or computers to be displayed locally on flat-panel monitors. For instance, in one of our break-out rooms there is an interactive flat-panel with built-in conferencing applications that support products such as Cisco’s Jabber, Microsoft’s Lync, and Vidyo.


Bridges SI operates out of a 16,100 sq. ft. technology-rich facility, so stay tuned for a future blog post that feature the mechanisms we use here at our office. On that note, feel free to drop by to take a tour of our facility – you can submit a request by following the ‘Schedule a live tour of our headquarters’ link on this very page.

A quote from one of the partners at Bridges SI emphasizes how our new headquarters has assisted our team with continuous growth:

“This space is home to full-time dedicated Project Managers, Engineers, Interior Designers, Technicians, and Programmers. Each member is effectually more productive due to the utilization of collaboration tools being designed and built everyday throughout the facility. Bridges SI looks forward to providing top-level professional services for its clients and continuing to bring new technologies to the federal marketplace for many years to come.”
-Brent Berger, Partner

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