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Posted by Nick Capone

Mar 13, 2014 9:06:00 AM

Bridges SI is growing, and one of the main advantages of our new headquarters build out is a drastic increase in logistical capacity and work space.

Bridges SI's logistics department was previously operating in a shared space of roughly 800 square feet, allocated between integration and warehousing. Our new building contains 5,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space. To put that in perspective, we've upgraded the size of our warehouse from a UFC octagon to a basketball court.


The warehouse was built completely from scratch; walls were removed and the ceiling was ripped out to its shell.  A 10'-wide bay door was installed, and a ramp was graded out to the street for ease-of-access to the pavement as well as the ability to easily ship and receive via forklift. The windows were custom tinted to provide an additional layer of security. This increase in capacity allows us to keep more equipment on hand, accept bigger projects, and warehouse more efficiently & securely.

The space accommodates for several designated areas, to include receiving, project equipment, asset storage, forklift parking, and trash/recycling. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently leveraged the warehouse for a project, in which Bridges SI was required to house roughly sixty 55" inch interactive displays. As the project ensued, Bridges SI palletized the displays and delivered them onsite for final integration. 


With the ability to store multiple large scale projects, this improvement will certainly provide Bridges SI with the flexibility and capability to secure and execute more substantial projects in the future. We look forward to showcasing the many working parts of our new headquarters over the course of future blogs. 

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